We are a proud authorized dealer of Canon Business Solutions

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About Us

Ark Digital Imaging, Inc. is a proud authorized dealer of Canon Business Solutions in Buffalo, New York. We are the largest supplier of canon copiers in Buffalo, New York.

Why Choose Us

The success of ARK Digital Imaging, a sales and service oriented business is based primarily on two key factors: building strong relationships and offering reliable products and service.

Best-in-Class Remote and Onsite Support

We provide maintenance and support for all your copier, printer, office equipment and document application needs.
Our guaranteed 4-hour response time minimizes downtime and enables you to sustain uninterrupted workflow and business continuity.

Business Problems. Solved.

Business Solutions from Canon focus on overcoming common workflow challenges encountered in day-to-day operations. See how Canon’s solutions can help your organization access and share information, automate processes, control print-related costs, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.